When Sexting Becomes a Criminal Offense


Sexting isn’t illegal in and of itself, but when it involves a minor it can be. In fact, depending on the circumstance, it could be either a misdemeanor or felony. If you are charged with any criminal offense related to sexting, you need the help of a top Vista child pornography lawyer. Sexting involves sending [...]

The Problem With “Let’s Be Cops”

At some point or another, we’ve all thought about what we would do if we had the authority of a police officer. The new comedy Let’s Be Cops takes that fleeting quandary and explores what would happen if someone took advantage of a police officer’s power without accepting any of the responsibility. While the film [...]

More Common Questions Asked of A San Diego criminal Lawyer


This blog has already covered a few of the most common questions people ask their San Diego DUI lawyers, but so far, it hasn’t covered general questions that apply to most defendants. Here are a few common questions asked by those accused of a crime. The police asked me to come down to the station [...]

Enhancements To Child Pornography Cases In California


If you have been accused of production, distribution, sale or possession of child pornography, you should be aware that these cases often carry enhanced sentences based on the specifics of your crime. Your Vista child pornography lawyer can tell you whether or not your case involves any of these enhancements, but so you are more [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Molestation Charges In California

Though most people are familiar with the term “child molestation,” very few actually understand the complex laws California has enacted to deal with the matter. Fortunately, Vista child molestation defense lawyer Peter M. Liss is here to help you better understand the law. What crime are accused child molesters charged with? If someone is accused [...]

Vista Defense Attorney: Child Molesting Laws In CA

US Marshals arrest child molester

What most people refer to as child molesting is actually charged as lewd acts with a child under the age 14 according to California law. You can also be charged if the child is 15 or under and you are more than ten years older than him or her. These lewd acts need not be explicitly [...]

Soliciting Sex With A Minor In Vista, California


In California, it is not only illegal to engage in a sex act with a minor, but even to attempt to meet with one for the purpose of sex. In fact, the other person need not even be a minor for you to be charged with this crime. Because the laws concerning sexual acts with a [...]

Fighting Charges of Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography


If you are convicted of possession or distribution of child pornography, you will not only face a lengthy prison term, but you will also be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Even the accusation of such crimes can ruin your reputation and may ruin your relationships with neighbors, [...]

A Federal Court Rules California’s Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional


Last month, a federal judge in Los Angeles declared California’s death penalty is unconstitutional. Despite what you may hear from advocates against the death penalty though, Vista defense attorney Peter M. Liss  believes this ruling won’t actually change the legal system in the state very much for a variety of reasons. It is important to [...]

Obtaining Bail After A Domestic Violence Arrest


If you are arrested for domestic violence, you may choose to post bail in order to earn your release from jail. This article explains how that process works, the cost of bail related to your crimes and similar details you might want to ask your Vista domestic violence attorney. First, it’s important to realize that because [...]