Could the Siamese Twins In American Horror Story Be Charged With Murder ?

The newest season of American Horror Story has finally started and the first episode immediately presents a fascinating legal quandary: what happens when one conjoined twin commits murder? Vista criminal defense lawyer Peter M. Liss believes this specific example is particularly interesting because of the details presented in the show. The whole problem with charging [...]

Facing A DUI Involving A High BAC?


Many people who are charged with drunk driving hardly even realize they are buzzed and are barely over the legal limit, but some undoubtedly feel intoxicated and still choose to get behind the wheel for one reason or another. California law sets higher penalties for those who choose to drive with particularly high BACs. It [...]

The Consequences of Receiving A Second DUI

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Because so many people convicted of drunk driving end up getting charged with the crime again, California law seeks to discourage first-time offenders from violating the law in the future by increasing the penalties for subsequent DUIs. If you are facing a second DUI conviction, it is critical you speak with a top Vista DUI [...]

Peer to Peer Sharing and Obscene Materials


Ever since Napster made headlines in the late nineties, peer to peer sharing has become a popular way for people to share files with others from around the world. While some people use these networks to share collaborative projects and files that are in the public domain, others use them for illegal purposes. While the [...]

An Overview of Legal Issues Present In The Guardians of the Galaxy

Perhaps the greatest Marvel movie yet and almost certainly the best movie of the summer, Guardians of the Galaxy excited comic book fans and haters alike with its charming cast of ragtag heroes. But this clan is far from squeaky clean as their rap sheets indicate. So given that Xandar is an Earth-like planet with [...]

Have You Been Arrested for Your Behavior in Chat Rooms or Forums?


The popularity of chat rooms might have peaked about fifteen years ago, but they still attract millions of users every year. Forums have continued to maintain their popularity throughout the years. Some users of chat rooms and forums attempt to use the services to solicit minors for sexual activities either online or in person, which [...]

When Sexting Becomes a Criminal Offense


Sexting isn’t illegal in and of itself, but when it involves a minor it can be. In fact, depending on the circumstance, it could be either a misdemeanor or felony. If you are charged with any criminal offense related to sexting, you need the help of a top Vista child pornography lawyer. Sexting involves sending [...]

The Problem With “Let’s Be Cops”

At some point or another, we’ve all thought about what we would do if we had the authority of a police officer. The new comedy Let’s Be Cops takes that fleeting quandary and explores what would happen if someone took advantage of a police officer’s power without accepting any of the responsibility. While the film [...]

More Common Questions Asked of A San Diego criminal Lawyer


This blog has already covered a few of the most common questions people ask their San Diego DUI lawyers, but so far, it hasn’t covered general questions that apply to most defendants. Here are a few common questions asked by those accused of a crime. The police asked me to come down to the station [...]

Enhancements To Child Pornography Cases In California


If you have been accused of production, distribution, sale or possession of child pornography, you should be aware that these cases often carry enhanced sentences based on the specifics of your crime. Your Vista child pornography lawyer can tell you whether or not your case involves any of these enhancements, but so you are more [...]