Understanding California’s New “Yes Means Yes” Law


Last month, a new bill was signed into effect in California that clearly defines what college campuses consider consent to participate in sexual activities. Under the law, affirmative consent is required before two parties engage in sex. Here’s what you should know about the law, courtesy of San Diego criminal attorney Peter M. Liss. The [...]

California’s New Gun Law May Affect Your Ability to Possess A Gun


A new California law will allow concerned family members to request the government to seize firearms from a relative they believe to be a threat. How will this law affect you and your right to bear arms? San Diego criminal defense attorney Peter M. Liss explains. First, it’s important to recognize that there are already existing [...]

Fighting A Third DUI Offense in Vista, CA


There are two common misconceptions people tend to believe when they are charged with their third DUI within ten years. The first is that they will be found guilty since they already have two DUIs on their record. The second is that they know what to expect since they’ve already gone through the process. Both [...]

Oral Copulation Can Be A Crime In CA


Oral sex itself is completely legal in California, but there are instances where the activity can result in an arrest. For the most part, two consenting adults participating in oral sex are totally safe from the law, but when either of the participants are under 18 or forced against his or her will, then a [...]

Even Celebrities Are Subject to the Same DUI Penalties


After earning more gold medals than any other Olympian in history, Michael Phelps is more than just a celebrity, he’s an American hero. But like the rest of us, he’s not perfect. In fact, Phelps was recently charged with his second DUI within ten years and despite his star status, the swimmer is still likely to receive [...]

Could the Siamese Twins In American Horror Story Be Charged With Murder ?

The newest season of American Horror Story has finally started and the first episode immediately presents a fascinating legal quandary: what happens when one conjoined twin commits murder? Vista criminal defense lawyer Peter M. Liss believes this specific example is particularly interesting because of the details presented in the show. The whole problem with charging [...]

Facing A DUI Involving A High BAC?


Many people who are charged with drunk driving hardly even realize they are buzzed and are barely over the legal limit, but some undoubtedly feel intoxicated and still choose to get behind the wheel for one reason or another. California law sets higher penalties for those who choose to drive with particularly high BACs. It [...]

The Consequences of Receiving A Second DUI

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Because so many people convicted of drunk driving end up getting charged with the crime again, California law seeks to discourage first-time offenders from violating the law in the future by increasing the penalties for subsequent DUIs. If you are facing a second DUI conviction, it is critical you speak with a top Vista DUI [...]

Peer to Peer Sharing and Obscene Materials


Ever since Napster made headlines in the late nineties, peer to peer sharing has become a popular way for people to share files with others from around the world. While some people use these networks to share collaborative projects and files that are in the public domain, others use them for illegal purposes. While the [...]

An Overview of Legal Issues Present In The Guardians of the Galaxy

Perhaps the greatest Marvel movie yet and almost certainly the best movie of the summer, Guardians of the Galaxy excited comic book fans and haters alike with its charming cast of ragtag heroes. But this clan is far from squeaky clean as their rap sheets indicate. So given that Xandar is an Earth-like planet with [...]