Vista Felony Law Directory: sources of useful information on court locations, directions, rules, DMV operations, jail records, details about arrest, bail, and more.

Superior Court of California for San Diego County – detailed information about court locations with directions; jury service; court rules; appeals; and more. Also includes a long page of useful information about Drug Court and how it works.

California DMV: DUI Administrative Hearings page – information about the DUI administrative hearing from the DMV’s viewpoint. For more information from an experienced DUI defenese lawyer, please see this site at DMV license suspension help.

San Diego City Government – includes crime statistics, sex offender map.

San Diego County Government – very general information; use the search function to find out information about specific law enforcement, crime statistics, and more.

San Diego County Sheriff Court Services Bureau FAQ’s – answers commonly asked questions about the court procedures that involve the sheriff, particularly arrest warrants and payment of bail when no bail bondsman is used.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department FAQ’s about Jail – useful information about visiting someone who is in a San Diego County jail.

Who’s In Jail in San Diego County? – these records can be searched by last name, to help you determine if someone is now in jail or has been released

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