What to Do During A Police Investigation in San Diego, CA

Police investigations vary from case to case. In some situations, suspects have no idea they are being investigated until they are placed under arrest. Other times, police will make it very clear that they believe a person may be involved with a crime, but that they need to gather more evidence before they can place the suspect under arrest.

While most people know they should contact a Vista criminal  defense lawyer as soon as they are arrested, many do not realize how beneficial it can be to have Vista criminal attorneys on your side during an investigation.

When you work with skilled criminal attorneys, Vista police work hard to ensure they do not violate any of your  constitutional rights. If they do, your Vista criminal defense lawyers will know right away so if the case does go to trial, they can work to have any evidence related to that rights violation suppressed from the record.

Additionally, hiring knowledgeable criminal attorneys in Vista will create a barrier between you and the police.  It is hardly ever advisable to speak to the police especially without an attorney.  Many cases are proven with only the admissions or confessions of a suspect.  If you do have important information to prove your innocence your  Vista criminal defense attorneys can provide the information to the police. That is why it is so important to always discuss the situation with your before agreeing to speak with the police.

If you believe you are being investigated for a crime, whether or not the police have spoken to you about the matter, please call Vista criminal defense lawyer Peter M. Liss at (760) 643-4050  to schedule a free initial consultation where you can discuss your situation and decide on the best possible method to deal with the police investigation.

Creative Commons Image by West Midlands Police