How Does the California DUI Law Define A Vehicle?


We’ve previously discussed how you can still get a DUI for riding a bike or operating a boat under the influence, but Vista drunk driving lawyer Peter M. Liss believes it is important to recognize which means of transportation can be legally operated under the influence. This is particularly notable given that one man in Scotland, was […]

Wet Reckless Vs. Driving Under Influence Charges


If you are arrested for drunk driving in Vista, you won’t necessarily be convicted of driving under the influence. In fact, even if your DUI lawyer in Vista can’t help you beat the charges completely, he may at least be able to have the charges reduced. One of the most common ways this is achieved […]

The Penalties Of A First-Time DUI


Being arrested is always a scary process. It’s especially scary to be arrested for drunk driving, since the experience typically happens late at night and after you may have had a drink or two. No matter how scared you are though, it is important to remember your right to remain silent and your right to […]

Backstrom Is Funny -But A Terrible Cop

Fox’s new cop show, Backstrom, is a hilarious view of the cynical world of police life. It’s also an excellent place to study illegal police investigations. While the namesake of the show is an ingenious detective who has an impressive ability to always uncover the truth behind a case, he does so in a way that […]

All Revenge Porn Is Illegal In CA, Even Selfies


California has always been on the forefront of the digital battle to protect individual’s privacy. That’s why when Massachusetts made big news last year for banning upskirt photography, our legislators didn’t need to get moving since it was already illegal in California. That’s also why they recently revised a law that banned revenge porn after learning […]

Stun Gun Laws in California


  California has some strict and complex weapons laws that go beyond mere gun possession and detail everything from switchblades to pepper spray use. In fact, while stun guns are generally legal to possess and own in California, there are situations where they are not. Here are some of the specifics of Taser laws in CA, from a […]

Forensic Specialties You Might Not Have Heard Of


These days, thanks to shows like CSI, Dexter and NCIS, everyone is familiar with forensic science, but while the existence of blood splatter and DNA analysis are common knowledge, there are plenty of other fields of forensic study that most people are totally unaware of. These experts might not be called in to handle a […]

Are Firsthand Witness Accounts Really Reliable?


If you watch any crime dramas on TV, you’ll recognize that eye witnesses are often the cornerstone of a criminal case -providing critical evidence to help prove the victim’s guilt. But are witnesses accounts actually a reliable piece of evidence in a criminal trial? Cognitive psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Loftus suggests that our memories might not be as […]

Medical Marijuana Is Still Illegal Under Federal Law


As Californians, it is pretty easy to take medicinal marijuana for granted, forgetting that all marijuana use is illegal under federal law. Unfortunately, some people are reminded the hard way that just because something is legal in the state doesn’t mean it is legal in the country. That’s why San Diego criminal lawyer Peter M. Liss […]

San Diego Tests the Limits of Our State’s Gang Laws


Brandon Duncan, a rapper who performs by the name Tiny Doo is, like many other rappers, part of a gang. While the rapper’s album “No Safety” isn’t a best seller, it has attracted national attention because it has allowed prosecutors to charge Tiny Doo with crimes that could result in a lifetime prison sentence. That’s […]