Public Urination Laws and Sex Offender Registration


While most people support sex offender registration laws, many still fear the repercussions of getting labeled as a sex offender for a non-sexual act. One of the most common concerns is that simply urinating in public could be considered a sex crime, possibly ruining someone’s life for what should be a minor infraction. Because these […]

California Gun Storage Laws

Operation Triple Beam II

In an effort to keep children from playing with dangerous firearms, California has a number of weapons laws detailing how guns should be stored. Because these laws are very flexible based on circumstances, it is critical that anyone accused of violating a gun storage law immediately contact a top Vista criminal lawyer as soon as […]

Online Stalking Laws in California

online stalking defense attorney

Where stalking involves the intentional, malicious and repetitive following or harassing of another person paired with a credible threat, cyberstalking is essentially the same thing only performed on an electronic device like a computer or cell phone. If you have been accused of any kind of stalking, please contact a skilled Vista criminal lawyer like […]

Common Forensic Science Myths Debunked

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Thanks largely to TV crime shows, the public knows more about forensic evidence than ever before. Unfortunately, many of that knowledge is only half-true or even outright fabrications. Here are a few of the most common myths about forensic science, broken down by top La Jolla defense lawyer Peter M. Liss. Forensic science is foolproof. […]

Why Your Oceanside Defense Lawyer Is Unlikely to Use the Insanity Defense


In television movies and crime shows, lawyers are constantly pleading that their clients are not guilty by reason of insanity. This allows their guilty clients to spend easy time in an institution before quickly being released back into the public. In reality though, most Carlsbad criminal defense attorneys are hesitant to invoke the insanity defense […]

Jack Ass’ Steve-O Facing Criminal Charges After Protest


The guys of Jack Ass may not known for their rational behavior, but they still tend to avoid breaking the law as much as possible. Unfortunately, in trying to make a statement about Sea World, star Steve-O did exactly that and now he is facing five different criminal charges. San Diego criminal lawyer Peter M. […]

Former NFL Cheerleader Found Guilty of Statutory Rape

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It’s all too common for people to only think of sex offenders as males, but while the majority of offenders are men, there are still plenty of women charged with these crimes. One notable case that recently made headlines was that of Molly Shattuck, who was at one point famous for being the oldest cheerleader in […]

Are Cyborgs or Androids Subject to Basic Human Rights?


In recent years, movies, books and television shows have increasingly asked us to reconsider how we define humanity as machines and humans become more and more interchangeable. Scientists believe that entirely sentient AI is no more than a few decades away and while the science fiction cyborgs that entirely blur the line between man and […]

Using An Ignition Interlock Device After A DUI


Ignition interlock devices are often mandatory for drivers with DUIs to get back on the road. Sometimes your Del Mar DUI defense lawyer will be able to help you fight having such a device in your car, while other times, he may help you get back on the road sooner by agreeing to have one […]

Man Arrested For Two Road Rage Crashes


Road rage isn’t just frustrating, it can also be deadly. One San Diego driver recently learned that road rage can also land you in some serious legal trouble after he was arrested for angrily crashing his truck into at least two other cars. If you are accused of a crime related to road rage, please call […]