Your Rights When Dealing With Police


While we have already covered what to do if you are pulled over by police or if you are arrested, not all police encounters are so cut and dry. In fact, police will often try to informally question a suspect prior to placing someone under arrest, knowing that many people won’t request a lawyer until […]

Assisting Criminals to Reduce Crime Rates


In recent years, more and more studies that the way to stop criminals from becoming repeat offenders is not to lock them up in a cell for a set amount of time and then release them back into the world with no skills and nowhere to turn. The concept of rehabilitation over punishment is part of […]

Killing A Fetus In California Crime Can Be Murder


In California, abortion may be a legal option for a mother to choose, but otherwise killing an unborn fetus can result in murder charges. If you have been accused of murder related to the death of a fetus, call a San Diego criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Just because the death occurred to an […]

Fighting Terrorism Charges In San Diego


San Diego rarely makes the news when it comes to terrorism, but recently, two Minnesota residents were arrested in San Diego trying to obtain fraudulent travel documents in order to travel to Syria to fight ISIS. The two men, seen in the courtroom sketch above, have been charged with conspiracy to provide material support and attempting to […]

Can You Record Your Interactions With The Police in California?


Between all the recent cases where police have been accused of sexual abuse, racism and brutality, it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are choosing to film their interactions with the police. Encinitas defense lawyer Peter M. Liss offers these tips for those who want to record their experiences with the police. Know your […]

Breaking Down The Legal Questions In Daredevil


It’s a rare day when comic book fans and other geeks can’t stop talking about a lawyer, but Matt Murdock isn’t just any attorney -he’s also the one-and-only vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen known as Daredevil. But are Matt’s actions as Daredevil compatible with his profession? Vista criminal lawyer Peter M. Liss explains. First, as we’ve […]

The Surprising Effects of California’s Proposition 47


Last November, California voters took a stand against our overcrowded prisons by approving Proposition 47, which turned numerous non-violent felonies into misdemeanors. The bill not only affected those accused of future crimes, but also those who were already imprisoned -resulting in 2700 inmates being released from prison. The L.A. Times reports that while drug arrests are down, property […]

Fighting Rape Charges In San Diego


Rape may be one of the most serious charges a person can face outside of murder and treason. Aside from the obvious criminal penalties, those convicted of rape will also face a lifetime of social ostracization while their name, address, photo and crimes are publicly listed on the sex offender registration list. If you are […]

Don’t Fight Kidnapping Charges Without A Del Mar Defense Lawyer


Everyone has a basic idea of what defines kidnapping thanks to so many movies and TV shows that depict abductions, but in real life, kidnapping is quite different from what you see on screen. If you have been charged with kidnapping, please call Solana Beach defense lawyer Peter M. Liss as soon as possible. California […]

The Two Most Common Techniques Police Use to Get A Confession


When you are accused of a crime, the police will often work to get you to confess to the charges -even if you didn’t actually do it. That’s why it’s common for Vista criminal lawyers to help clients who have made false confessions. There are many techniques used to get people to confess to crimes […]