Using An Ignition Interlock Device After A DUI


Ignition interlock devices are often mandatory for drivers with DUIs to get back on the road. Sometimes your Del Mar DUI defense lawyer will be able to help you fight having such a device in your car, while other times, he may help you get back on the road sooner by agreeing to have one […]

Man Arrested For Two Road Rage Crashes


Road rage isn’t just frustrating, it can also be deadly. One San Diego driver recently learned that road rage can also land you in some serious legal trouble after he was arrested for angrily crashing his truck into at least two other cars. If you are accused of a crime related to road rage, please call […]

More News Stories Featuring Peter M. Liss


We previously wrote about some of Vista criminal lawyer Peter Liss’ high-profile cases covered by the press, but it’s worth noting that two years later, he continues to be involved in criminal cases of this caliber. Here is another major story involving Peter Liss that appeared in the news: Man Arrested After Filming Border Patrol Violence One of Mr. […]

Better Understanding the “Plain Sight” Doctrine


All Americans are protected against unreasonable search and seizure thanks to the Fourth Amendment, but defining what qualifies as unreasonable is a complex process. That’s where the plain view doctrine comes in -it states that police can search your home or vehicle without a warrant if they see evidence of a crime in plain view. Pacific […]

Fighting Road Rage Charges in San Diego


Road rage has long been an issue in Southern California, but when Darla Jackson was charged with murder after running down a motorcyclist back in May, the crime quickly became one of the most talked about news stories in the region. Solana Beach criminal lawyer Peter M. Liss explains what these charges mean for the defendant and others accused […]

More Wonderful Reviews For San Diego Lawyer Peter Liss


  It has been over two years since we featured some of the fantastic reviews customers have left after using Peter Liss’ services, so it seem only appropriate to share some of the newer enthusiastic reviews left on behalf of this top San Diego criminal attorney. Yelp Reviews: “Peter Liss is an excellent criminal defense […]

Assault and Battery on Firefighters in San Diego


Last month, San Diegans were shocked to hear about a local man stabbing two on-duty firefighters who were attempting to treat an injured man. While we wish the recovering firefighters the best of luck in their recovery, it’s worth looking at what kind of charges and penalties the attacker, Ryan Allen Jones, will face. Vista […]

Is Bruce Banner Criminally Responsible for His Actions As The Hulk?


Bruce Banner is a particularly interesting character from a legal perspective as he suffers from temporary insanity that he can make efforts to prevent by controlling his anger. So could he be held responsible for any crimes he performed as The Hulk? Vista defense lawyer Peter M. Liss explains the fascinating challenges involved in evaluating Banner’s guilt […]

Peter Liss Is A Respected Legal Source to the Media


San Diego criminal defense lawyer Peter M. Liss not only has sterling reviews from his past clients, he has also defended clients in high-profile cases featured on a number of top media outlets. On top of that, Mr. Liss is so well respected that he is also regularly contacted by the media regarding his opinion […]

California’s First Conviction For Online Child Molestation


California courts broke new ground recently when they convicted a man of child molestation -though he never actually met his victims in person. Because no one else has ever been convicted of online child molestation, a lot of questions remain -most notably if the charges will be upheld when his Vista child molestation lawyer appeals the […]