I am San Diego juvenile lawyer Peter M. Liss, and I can help you. I have personally defended hundreds of juveniles (minors) with an arrest and charge of crimes such as:

  • Alcohol possession or furnishing
  • Drug possession or drug sales
  • Theft (shoplifting, burglary, robbery)
  • Vandalism (including graffiti)
  • Rape, child molest, sex crimes

and other criminal offenses in San Diego. I am often retained by parents and grandparents to represent a child charged with committing a crime. If you need a San Diego juvenile lawyer, please call me today for a free consultation. You will receive top representation for a reasonable fee.

Juvenile Offense Facts

The California Juvenile Court System handles cases concerning juveniles. Juveniles may be picked up by the police either for “delinquency” (committing a crime) or a “status offense” — an age-related offense such as truancy. If a child over 14 commits a very serious offense, the court will hold a “fitness hearing” to decide whether the child should be treated as an adult and tried in the adult criminal court system.

The Juvenile Court system has five steps: 1) filing of petition 2) referral to intake 3) fitness hearing for serious crimes 4) adjudication and 5) disposition. The potential penalties can be severe; a child under age 16 can be incarcerated until age 21, and a child over 16 until age 25. Juvenile defendants have the right to a lawyer but no right to bail or to a jury trial. It is important to obtain a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to obtain the best results under the particular facts and law of the child’s case.

Attorney Peter M. Liss can help you by:

  1. 1 Advising you and keeping you updated at all times on your case status
  2. 2 Negotiating to have children released to their parents, rather than sent to juvenile hall, immediately after arrest.
  3. 3 Interviewing witnesses and police
  4. 4 Gathering evidence supporting child’s defenses
  5. 5 Making juvenile court motions. These may include motions to suppress illegally seized evidence and motions to exclude improper testimony.
  6. 6 Arguing in court against transferring the child’s case to the adult criminal system.
  7. 7 Evaluating all legal defenses available in the child’s case for the adjudication hearing (the trial). These can include insufficient evidence, innocence, lack of a criminal intent, and other defenses
  8. 8 Seeking reduction of charges (when available)
  9. 9 Representing the child at the juvenile adjudication hearing (trial) or in a plea bargain, or representing the child in adult criminal court if the case is transferred there
  10. 10 Presenting the best legal defenses for the child’s’ case
  11. 11 Seeking alternative sentencing to locked confinement, or the shortest confinement sentence available. Alternative sentences (available in some cases) can include probation, restitution, assignment to community service, placement in a halfway house or foster care, or placement in a training school

More benefits to selecting Attorney Peter M. Liss:

  1. 12 Available every day, every hour. 24-hour in-person answering
  2. 13 30 years experience, hundreds of juvenile offense cases handled, track record of success, over 100 criminal trials, University of California – Berkeley trained lawyer
  3. 14 Attorney Liss personally handles the entire case
  4. 15 Top quality services at reasonable rates
  5. 16 Free first consultation
  6. 17 All major credit cards accepted
  7. 18 Immediate, courteous response
  8. 19 Office across from Vista Courthouse and Jail, with free parking

I have personally defended hundreds of juveniles charged with committing an offense in Vista and San Diego. If you are a parent or grandparent of a child who has been arrested, please call me for a free first consultation to learn how I can help your child. I provide top quality representation for a reasonable fee, and accept all major credit cards. Your child’s future could be at stake; please call.

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