The Downside to Wolverine Claws

laws about wolverine claws

Wolverine’s claws are admittedly cool-looking, but they also offer some serious draw backs. Aside from the pain associated with the claws pushing through his skin every time they come out, they present a number of legal issues as well. For example, Logan could be accused of carrying a concealed weapon and if he ever uses his claws to intimidate someone, he could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Luckily, he could defend himself from these charges -as long as he hired a skilled criminal lawyer like Vista defense attorney Peter M. Liss.

By consulting with a defense lawyer in San Diego before traveling, he could discuss the different concealed weapons laws in the areas where he travels. For example, while he might not need to do anything in some areas, in other places though, he may need to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon. If he did forget to do his research -or needed to go somewhere immediately, a Vista criminal defense attorney could help him fight any weapons charges he might be accused of on the grounds that he did not willingly violate the local laws because his claws are not actually knives or blades, but adamantium-covered bones.

On these same grounds, good Vista criminal defense lawyers could help defend Logan from any assault with a deadly weapon charge that he may face if he attacked someone with his claws. While most of Wolverine’s work as an X-men would fall under the realm of self-defense or defense of another person, Logan’s temperamental attitude means this would not work for all situations as he has been known to fight with little provocation. In these cases, he could still be charged with assault or battery, but his Vista criminal defense lawyers would be able to ensure he did not face most assault with a deadly weapon charges because deadly weapons must be extrinsic to a person’s body, whereas Logan’s are actually a bodily mutation, not an actual weapon. Of course, this assumes the law is not changed to cover mutants and their powers in a post X Men world.

On the other hand, assault with a deadly weapon can be charged without an actual weapon in the case that the attacker used enough force to likely produce great bodily injury. With Wolverine’s claws, it’s pretty obvious that using them at all could cause great bodily injury and Logan should undoubtedly know that. That means that he would almost certainly face charges of assault with a deadly weapon by means of force if he was not careful about the use of his claws.

If you happen to be cursed with any similar biological mutations and have been accused of criminal charges as a result, please call Vista defense lawyer Peter M. Liss at (858) 486-3024.

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